BOPX is an industry leader in providing advanced integrated testing solutions for Onshore and Offshore applications. BOPX offerings combine strong engineering and manufacturing expertise with innovative technologies and high-quality support aimed to help its customers increase overall efficiencies.

In addition to cutting edge BOP Pressure Testing technology and service, BOPX helps companies develop and commercialize technologies. The story of BOPX begins with our legacy company, SUBC USA LLC, and a customer who needed to bring their technology to market. The owners hired SUBC (a subsea labor company) and the relationship continued, leading to the formation of BOPX. Today, BOPX continues to assist in the development of additional technologies.

One such example is Tienovix Oilfield Technologies - an augmented reality software developer revolutionizing the oil and gas industry through groundbreaking remote communication and virtual procedural guidance. We are utilizing the Tienovix Connectâ„¢, a powerful telecommunications tool, to cultivate a new wave of expert field operators at a fraction of the time and resources it currently takes. Learn more about Tienovix here.

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